Where Ugly Came From

Ugly came from my past struggles and the effort required to complete a really hard task.

Sometimes it’s the last repetition in a gym exercise, and sometimes it's something that you have been told you can’t achieve.

We are all a little self-conscious sometimes and showing a real effort to achieve something hard can twist and contort your face, don’t be afraid of this EMBRACE it andrs will see the effort and embrace you for trying.

This is the birth of Ugly Fitness with Ugly Boy and Ugly Girl Apparel.

My Story

Why I am proud of my Ugly and why it has helped me achieve so much!

I had a hard childhood and constantly had to prove the naysayers wrong. Growing up with a lack of confidence in a socially challenging environment combined with a deprived household I searched for outlets to escape my reality. After a long psychological battle and having to come to terms with what I had been dealt in life, I eventually found training with weights in a solitary manner appealed to my need for self-reliance.

And the Magic begun!

As time passed the consistency of training taught me to use negative comments as a motivational tool and started a profound positive shift in my life, not only physically but I also gained a positive aura. On top of this I noticed I exuded confidence in all aspects of life, I found my personality and way of living extremely infectious to those around me.

In 2009 I was challenged further after being in a severe car accident. This resulted in over five years of not being able to train and some major challenges to overcome.  I obtained knee, hip, back and abdomen damage as well as suffering with chronic pain syndrome.

After five years of constant rehab and multiple surgeries I had gained significant weight and had also become very depressed. I didn't want to leave the house due to my appearance.

At that stage, I was being told by numerous health professionals…
“This is your new life now, accept it”
“You will never lift a weight again”
The motivation from those words will resonate with me forever.

Something Ugly deep inside me snapped!

My deepest fears became my reality. So I immediately began a very slow path to regaining control of my life.

My Ugly refusal had begun.

Today I still need to be very mindful of my injuries, but my Ugly side will not surrender!


What Ugly Is

Ugly is a refusal to accept pre-prescribed outcomes, opinions and negativity towards your life journey.

Ugly is that light inside you that won't go out in times of hardship.

Ugly is the amount of effort you need to reach goals you thought you couldn’t.

Ugly is my motivational and training technique that I want to share with you so you can reach your goals as I did.

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