After many years of trying new fad diets and supplements that don’t work or cost the earth I discovered carbohydrate cycling. This has now been part of my life for 15 years. It enables me to plan treats whilst still maintaining my weight loss goals.

This is an old school bodybuilding approach to losing fat whilst maintaining muscle.

Remember reducing processed foods is the key to a healthier you.
Include a wide and varied diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
No diet should completely exclude a food group in the name of health.

With my downloadable 5 phase approach to diet and carbohydrate cycling it takes 10 weeks to be on the full diet giving the body a chance to adjust to the new demands that are put on it.

Most participants remain at phase 3 and 4 long term with great ongoing results. Phase 5 tends to cater for athletes trying to look leaner. This program requires no protein shakes or magic pills. Just a commitment to eating healthier and a well timed approach to starchy foods.

Once purchased you will get:

  • Our downloadable booklet
  • Access to our closed facebook group for motivation and mentoring
  • 1 Session


Yessssssss!!!! Just finished another fantastic pumping hard ( for me ) brilliant work out designed just for me along with my food plan tweaked also just for me by my incredible Trainer and Mentor Telford UglyBoy Redden !! Everyone has their different goals and plans , and so happy with how mine is panning out , at least 50% raise in fitness level, 3.1 kgs down and a fantastic 17.78cm loss 
Im 54 and just starting this fitness journey ! You are NEVER to old to start, NEVER too unfit to give it a go !! Hit Telford up for the start of your new future today you won't regret it !

Tania Jarvis

When my friend first tried to get me to join the gym I kept finding excuses to hold off, mainly due to anxiety. Eventually it got the better of me and I joined and before I knew it, I was signing up to become an #uglygirl.
In the last 6 years of being a Mum and trying to get my pre baby body back, I have tried numerous diets, shakes and pills looking for a weight loss miracle! 
I even signed up to one "affordable" plan and upon receiving the first weeks shopping list I realised I couldn't even afford to purchase the food required for my diet, on top of the shopping for the rest of my family. 
Becoming part of Telford's #uglyteam has been such a good decision for me. In four weeks, I've basically become a whole new person. I'm a happier mum and wife, I feel so healthy and energetic and I am sad if I can't make it to the gym on a set day/time. I'm never hungry and I'm eating real food that doesn't cost a fortune at the checkout! The weight loss is a massive bonus! I still have a long road ahead but I will never look back now that I know how good it feels to feel this good! 

Chloe Richards

Hey guys! Just wanted to leave my review & to say how happy I am with Telford UglyBoy Redden 's meal plan & training.

I'm seriously so stoked that in 3 weeks that I've been following his plan, I've seen great changes in my body, I've lost almost 3kgs & so many cms overall this hasnt happened in a while for me despite training hard & following other meal plans & diets.
Plus I don't even feel like I'm under a regime which makes my daily eating more placid.

Also his constant support & our amazing Group Page, makes all the difference; I cannot recommend him enough.
You deserve all the best coming your way Boss!
Thank you & can't wait to keep going through this journey!!

‎Maru Bright

I embarked on this journey with Telford as I wanted to strip the remaining baby weight, especially on my stomach.
I began in phase 2 and in just 4 weeks - I've stripped down the fat AMAZINGLY and built muscle. My stomach is looking the best it has ever looked, even before having my three kids.

I am so pleased with the results so far and I'm not even finished!! I have 4 weeks remaining on the plan 
I've previously tried every diet there is and nothing has worked as well as this one.

Yes I'm tired, yes it's hard work but it is SO worth it!!! If you're up for a challenge and want those results - this is the best plan to get you there 

Thanks SOOO much Telford  You rock!

Emma Birtwistle

Before I became a member of Telford's #uglyteam I was always making excuses as to why I couldn't exercise or eat healthy and I became a victim to my own bullshit. I got on the scales one day and I just burst into tears  so ashamed of myself for what I had become and so I decided enough was enough I joined the gym and Erin recommended Telford and I haven't looked back. Feeling so good with in myself and only just tonight I was craving an orange   now the before Telford me would never have eaten fruit I would have gone to the cupboard and got out a packet of chips or eaten a block of chocolate . I may only be a 1/4 of the way to my final goal but I now know I can make it to my goal. This isn't a quick fix for me it's a better life for me and my family.

Nicole Finn